| **** |
Steenwijker Courant, 25-01-2019

‘Young top musicians dare to set the bar high’
‘An emotional roller coaster, played with passion’
‘A caress for the ear’

Haarlems Dagblad, 22-11-2018
‘Never suffer from nerves’
‘I’m going to do something nice, make people happy’
‘It is so much more about emotions’

Steenwijker Courant, 16-01-2017
| ***** |
‘Attentive audience held their breath’
‘A top performance’
‘Actually five stars are still too few’

Het Parool, 14-11-2016
‘Exciting music’
‘Quiet in the hall full of children’
‘Completely immersed in music’

Leeuwarder Courant, 18-01-2016
| ***** |
‘Top performance of young trio’
‘A flamboyant look’

Pianist, flutist